Happy Patients

I literally hate going to the dentist. My anxiety makes it even worse and I am a wimp when it is comes to pain . But my Dr is amazing I cannot thank him...
Leslie G.
08:56 22 Jul 21
I had the best experience ever.. everyone was so nice they are very thorough with any work you need. I got my new false teeth today and I must say I look beautiful. They look real and so far feel good in my mouth.. I will recommend this dentist office to everyone I know...
Ruth Hutchison
00:33 17 Jul 21
citrus heights dental is the best! support staff are kind, patient, and helpful. dr. nandra is amazing! will never go to another dentist! no fear no pain....
Kate R.
18:29 16 Jul 21
The best dentist I ever had! I am in my sixties and have had many dentists over the years. Dr. Deju is by far the absolute best.She was very nice and informative. She is excellent at her job, explaining the procedures. She is exact, strong and best of all, she is very knowledgeable. I was treated very well by all the staff in the office. This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. The team was very professional examining and providing with solutions by priority.
Maria Dezsi
17:55 26 Jun 21
I needed a new set of dentures. The process was easy and I was well informed of required visits for adjustments. Amanda was great, she was professional and...
Maureen D.
09:01 13 May 21
Dr. Will Koett and Stephanie (RDA) were phenomenal. I’m the type of person that likes to know everything and they were totally open to walk through each part as I got a crown. Will is a pro at administering shots (I didn’t even feel the first one, barely felt the second). I never felt like they were, “fishing,” for cavities, if you know what I mean. Highly professional and trustworthy.Fast. Polite. Efficient. Would recommend to anyone.
John Scardena
18:54 17 Mar 21
Dr. Will and all the staff are so great. Felt like they all genuinely cared about my health, comfort and financial situation. 5 stars for customer service, education and dental work. Fun group of people. If I worked in a dental office, I'd definitely like to work in this one!
B Marek
03:12 17 Mar 21
I called here after I saw an ad that they offered a free consultation for a tooth implant. The young lady that helped me over the phone was helpful, and pleasant. When I got to the office I was greeted with standard paperwork, and was promptly seen after it was filled out. A dental assistant who was hilarious by the way, scanned my mouth, and I was sat in a chair to await my professional diagnosis by Dr. Will. I was given a mouthwash to rinse with prior to.I waited for five minutes, and was told given a general inspection one my mouth. I was told that my gap was too small to fill with an implant, and was directed to get a consultation for braces, which I didn’t want. Though I didn’t get the answer I wanted I will make an appointment for a teeth cleaning. If you don’t have insurance they have an in house insurance deal where if you pay $96.00 you get free x-ray scans, 1 teeth cleaning, and something else. It’s an annual renewal that also affords discounts on other procedures.They were all friendly, and if you’re Russian they have some interpreters there too. I recommend giving them a try.
Celestial Evolution
04:21 14 Mar 21
I came in to get a second opinion about deep cleaning and everything I had questions or concerns about were CLEARLY answered . Dr Will and the hygienist ,Zinnia , thoroughly explained to my everything going on in my mouth and honestly gave me the treatment that is needed. I highly suggest this dental office simply for their genuine concern for my oral health, and the integrity and honesty they have . Thanks again I’m glad to have been treated by this team . 🙌🏽
Kevin Levine
21:44 11 Mar 21
I have been so grateful for the entire staff and Dr Will at Citrus Heights Dental and I would recommend them to anyone who needs any dental work. They are very compassionate and care about the patient from the moment you walk in the doors. They’re pricing for dental implants is so amazing and the their attention to detail is above and beyond! Thank you Dr. Will, Amanda, the rest of the staff at Citrus Heights Dental!
Becky Lindberg
19:33 06 Mar 21
Dr William Koett is an angel! I have had to have lots of dental procedures over the years and have had some very unpleasant experiences in the past, but my...
Shara F.
10:01 04 Mar 21
I had my two lower wisdom teeth removed at the same time. Dr. Will did a great job! It was quick and painless. I was nervous coming in because of all the stories I had heard before and prior dental experiences with other dental offices. Dr. Will was very relaxed and explained everything which definitely helped me relax. The procedure itself was over so fast i was surprised. I didn’t feel anything. Overall a great experience. I am very happy I found city’s heights dental and don’t mind driving an hour to be seen here.
Ricardo Hurtado Montes
21:20 01 Mar 21
I really love the friendly atmosphere of the office. The people who work there are warm and friendly, and truly try to make you feel welcome. The only negative I have, and this goes for every dental office I have encountered since moving here from Michigan a few years ago, is that I find that I am having to compare dental procedures that the professionals say I need here, with my previous dentist back in Michigan. On more than one occasion, I have paid for dental treatment that I feel I didn't need. Not from Citrus Dental, but from a few others here in Sacramento county. I have found that Citrus Dental seems to care about the patient's needs and not there just to make money from you, ( which as I've said previously was the vibe I was getting from the other dental offices I visited before I settled on Citrus Dental).
cheryl meakin
05:35 01 Mar 21
The dentist told me her concerns heard mine and was very gental and helped me understand what's happening! The front office staff was just as amazing as the doctors and other staff that worked there in the back especially the lady who went over cost and appointments she was very good at her job. This Was my first time at the office and they were very clean and organized on time and very informative. I felt comfortable and will definitely be recommending to friends and family!
Savanna Cox
00:30 09 Feb 21
I had my three month dental hygienist appointment with Zinya yesterday. She is absolutely the best hygienist I have ever had. I am so impressed with her attention to detail, and her people skills. She is just a delight. Delta Dental has a gem with her. Dental appointments often create anxiety, but I always walk out of the office feeling much better. Thanks to all the staff for making that happen.
Martin Johnson
22:28 30 Jan 21
I went here a few weeks ago because my new insurance has them on the list and they seemed to have the best reviews online. The ladies at the front desk were very kind and helpful. It was easy to make an appointment online and they had a ton available. The rest of the office made me feel very uncomfortable. It is really small and feels crowded during this terrible pandemic time. I have terrible anxiety so maybe I'm just being paranoid but there were just a lot of people in there all over the place, staff and patients. I saw several employees not have their masks on correctly (noses out) at various times. They were letting a customer talk at the counter with them for a long time with no mask. The assistant who took my x-rays (Alex?) was very kind and calming. They do have private rooms which makes you feel less exposed but when Dr. Will walked in he had no mask on at all and introduced himself, put it on and left his nose completely out the whole time. The Dr. was super rushed and not very thorough. Maybe they could tell I was trying not to breathe and was super tense the whole time? I guess if you are an anti-masker this is the place for you. I went to get a second opinion and it was so much calmer of an experience, and the Dr. gave me way more detail about my issues. He also noticed some serious things going on that the other didn't notice.
Darcy Rivas
01:49 26 Jan 21
I’ve been a patient for about 4 years now and I am happy with the care I have received. I wish I took better care back then and now I’m paying for it but my oral hygiene has improved and I have learned a lot about that since coming here. The staff work with you and are professional. It’s a great dentist and if your insurance is accepted here give them a try...
My First time here. And what a wonderful staff they are so friendly. The dentist was so very thorough and I was anxious , in pain with infections. Need alot of work , yet they work with you on $$ options. Highly recommend👍👍
Michele Lombardi
01:49 16 Jan 21
These guys do really good work. They totally rebuilt my smile in 2015, and have done other extensive work. I had a deep cleaning done recently, and it was done with no pain involved throughout the entire process. They are very experienced and knowledgeable, and they work great as a team. The office staff has helped me tremendously as well, with financing and payment options. I will continue to use their services. Thank you guys for a job (s) well done.
David Richard
21:51 14 Jan 21
Excellent dentist he does in-house root canals super quick. Very affordable with insurance. A wonderful staff .A wonderful staff. Comfortable waiting area and tvs to entertain you while you have your dental work done.
Joshua Austin
03:04 13 Jan 21
I am thankful for everyone at Citrus Heights Dental. They have always treated me with compassion and kindness. I value their knowledgeable expertise which has improved my overall health. I don’t fear going to the dentist anymore. Thank you Citrus Heights Dental!
Joy Farris
02:12 12 Jan 21
Dr Will & his staff are amazing!!! Gentle & professional. I’m from out of state & they definitely made going to the dentist a pleasant experience!
Ami Honea
00:09 07 Jan 21
This is the best dental office we have ever been to. My husband and I have been patients for several years. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Nanra is very kind, gentle, and knowledge.
20:07 11 Dec 20
Today I had my first teeth cleaning at Citrus Heights Dental. Tatiana was amazing. I was nervous and she put me at ease. She actually had to do a deep clean but she was so good I didn’t mind. Tomorrow I go back for the second half. I am not at all concerned. Grateful for excellent care
Kennedy Golden
04:50 10 Dec 20
My visit was an emergency, first time to their office and I don't have insurance. Everyone was professional and two were even empathetic. The doc also truly listened and was clear in a path forward. I have no experience except for this initial visit.
Chris Horner
23:02 21 Nov 20
CH Dental is fantastic! T’ve always had a great experience going here. Today’s cleaning was done perfectly! Thanks a lot , Tanya! Thanks to all staff, they really care. The office manager Irina is fantastic, most kind, patient and understanding person
Irina Evans
00:47 08 Nov 20
Staff very professional. Their friendly demeanor helped me feel comfortable during my visit. Questions were answered with details noted. Easy to schedule another appointment. Would recommend Citrus Heights Dental as a place to go for dental work.
Judith Icasiano
01:44 06 Nov 20
Called in for an emergency appointment for my daughter. She got an appointment for 2 hours later. The office was clean and very organized. It took 10 minutes to call her back and that was only because it took me six minutes to fill out her new patient paperwork. The equipment was up to date and everyone was professional/easy-going. The doctor was very friendly and I even made an appointment for a regular visit. What I like most was when we first got there the receptionist asked me if we were going to be with them in the future. Her next appointment is in 18 days.
Shalean Williams
00:15 02 Oct 20
I really thought I would have the same doctor from beginning to end. It felt more like an assembly line or a training ground for new dentists. With that being said, I felt that I was treated well and the following doctor(in training) was very thoughtful, considerate and thoroughly competent. This was my second visit and I would recommend them again.
02:08 01 Oct 20
Staff were very friendly. It was my first appointment, but when I went in, I was treated as if they had already known me for a long time. They were very thorough, took their time during the actual care, and I feel confident that my dental issues will be resolved. The building was also clean. Overall, I had a great experience and highly recommend this office!
Julie Corum
01:52 29 Sep 20
I ended up having a wonderful experience at Citrus Heights dental I wasn't compatible with the dentist that was chosen for me at first and Citrus Heights dental was totally understanding about that they were compassionate and caring and found the right fit with the right dentist same day for me to come back in. Thank you Citrus Heights dental I didn't want to have to find another place to go to I appreciate you very much
Susan Whitfield
21:04 24 Sep 20
I had a dental issue on Sunday when most dental offices are closed. I found CHD on Yelp because they have a dental lab. I left a message & for a return...
Sheryl U.
14:52 24 Sep 20
Great group of very caring always helpful folks at this office...and the dentistry is wonderful..😊👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
robert murbach
22:47 18 Sep 20
I have been going to Citrus Heights Dental for years and the staff has always been wonderful! Amanda at the front is so very knowledgeable and so great at...
Stacy B.
19:23 18 Sep 20
I’ve always had a great experience going here even though the thought of going to see the dentist has traditionally brought about anxiety with someone working on my teeth.The office manager Irina is the best their is.Her helpfulness today was so appreciated with my pain.Thank you!!!She has always gone above and and beyond any manager I’ve dealt with before and recommend anyone with any dental issues or problems to give them a call....
Michael Dalton
00:16 17 Sep 20
First thing I want to say is I have been traumatized to go to the dentist for probably a couple decades. This dental office was the best dentist I have ever gone through in my entire life. The dentist himself was amazing. Dr handsome (zuby?) was super gentle and i didn't even feel the needle!!! I just finished getting my crown put on and am very pleased... The lovely ladies at the front are just the sweetest too!!
Kristine Osterberg
23:25 16 Sep 20
I recommend
Robert Seamster
21:14 16 Sep 20
First thing I want to say is I have been traumatized to go to the dentist for probably a couple decades. This dental office was the best dentist I have ever...
Kristine O.
16:29 16 Sep 20
They are always Friendly, and they will help you every way they can. I have been going there for years, and I would Never go anywhere else. 🙂
Maria C.
22:03 12 Sep 20
I had a good first experience. Leaving our dentist of 30 years was one of the hardest parts of our move. Everyone at Citrus Heights Dental was very nice. I felt they listened and were knowledgeable. Hopefully over time I’ll feel at home as I did with my known dentist. The dental assistant at CHD was great and front desk staff are all very friendly.
Kennedy Golden
21:22 22 Aug 20
CH Dental is awesome. They always take amazing care of their patients. I have been a a patient here for over ten years. Amazing service and they really care about your health and well-being! Thank you Irina for always being fantastic!
Dave Powers
21:08 22 Aug 20
I had to go in for a root canal and did not have insurance. They set up a payment plan for me and were very patient. When I had more than one family emergency occur and had to be out of state for a lengthy period of time. I received great treatment by everyone there and will never forget their kindness, understanding and patience.
Temple Stone
18:04 12 Aug 20
Scared to death to go to dentists. Definitely going back to get more work done, that I have procrastinated because of fear. The Staff are wonderful and very friendly. Dr.Will was amazing, very comforting and great at his job. Didn't experience any pain during my procedure , which I have had at other places.
Stacey Fox
22:48 06 Aug 20
Always a nervous wreak going to the dentist. I have had many bad experiences. This place is wonderful. The staff very friendly and comforting. Dr. Will...
Stacey F.
12:55 06 Aug 20
They were so awesome here! Dr. Will and David were amazing with my root canal. I was scared of the dentist from other dentists I had been to, but here I...
Kayla B.
16:30 04 Aug 20
I had to get a root canal done and crown. The dentist and dental assistant were so great!!! I don't have any dental insurance so the payment plan they gave me I can definitely afford each month. I won't be going to any other place but there for now on!!+!+
Star Light
20:47 30 Jul 20
Citrus Heights Dental is a great place for those who are nervous, scared, or embarrassed. Top notch friendly and best office staff. Amanda has worked with me non stop to ensure the best options through my insurance and procedure process.
Raeann Oswalt
14:54 29 Jul 20
Excellent, Friendly staff! From the ladies at the front desk to the dental assistants, to the dentists themselves. Knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction! Best dentist office/team I’ve ever had!!
Derrick Jones
21:07 24 Jul 20
This was my first visit they were so friendly and knowledgeable. They worked with me and I had allot of options and felt confident about the work I am getting done.
Nicole Spisak
00:27 22 Jul 20
This office is extremely well put together and friendly. The working relationships between coworkers creates a nice and relaxed atmosphere. In addition they...
Brazdon G.
17:56 16 Jul 20
The staff was very professional and very kind. I went in with an urgent need as my bite-wire was detached from the back of my tooth. They were able to bring me in same day. They handle a large volume of patients, but they do their best to clean as often as possible. The only concern I had is that one of the assistants wasn't wearing her mask properly. She was wearing it under her nose, which concerned me. The orthodontist that worked on me was in full PPE gear including face shield. This is the first time I've had work done on my teeth since the pandemic, so I was extra paranoid. I'm happy that they have a place here in the Sacramento area that takes urgent cases. I would go back and would recommend them if you have an emergency dental case.
Ragni Singh
18:28 07 Jul 20
Super happy with my trip today. I called in the morning and they brought me in right away. Every staff member was beyond kind! Cost was much lower than other dentists. I will definitely recommend them to friends/family.Thank you so much!
Cheryl Costa
20:41 03 Jul 20
I was swapped with two dentists and I didn't get to talk about taking care of what I have left.They had a lot of work to do and had new help that needed directions to locate items that were needed.I liked the large x-ray scanner very much.I have to get some dental insurance and I didn't get to talk about it, but they did a very good job on my exam.
Jimmie Hathaway II
16:27 23 Jun 20
They are very good at what they do.I have been very pleased and excited with my procedures.I will always use them as my dentist. The staff is all very nice and helpful. Awesome work.Debra Reber
Debra Stone
23:45 15 Jun 20
I’ve had so many different dentists growing up, each one felt like I was just a dollar in their pocket. I’m so happy I found a place that actually cares and invests time into their patients. Everyone is really nice and personable. They are extremely clean and professional!!
Savannah Brown
21:00 01 Jun 20
I enjoy the front desk help. Personable, professional kind and courteous under these uncertain times. The back staff are very considerate and kind as well!! The shots here are great ,and I hate shots!! Thank you all for kindness and support!!
Gregory James
21:06 28 May 20
Such great service every time I enter this office. Front staff and dental staff are top notch and always operate with the best interest of patients in mind!
Sarah McKinney
20:36 20 May 20
I love this office so much so many great employees and after 5 years and 10k in dental work its the only place I will go. Even got my Invisalign here and had the best orthodontist mike. The girls at the front counter make my day every time I see them!!
jacob fuller
22:14 19 May 20
This was 3rd office I called when I had a tooth ache. I was in so much pain thatI couldn’t even sleep not to mention eat. They took me the same day I called. They took an X-ray to identify the problem and gave me options on how to solve. After my surgery the dentist himself was available after hours to discuss my concerns. I’ve never received this type of service. I appreciate them. The staff was excellent. If you need any urgent dental issues they are the ones to call.
DeShawna Goode
00:09 19 May 20
I have been coming to CH Dental for about two years now and have been treated with excellent care. The staff is very professional and are always good at following up with appointments. Amanda makes everything easy especially during this time.
Jose Villa
20:58 14 May 20
Lovely, patient people here at this office. I'm a very busy person and these folks just stay persistent trying to get a hold of me and confirming my appointments and always take very good care of me and my wife when we are in. Getting dental work done is never fun, but getting it done at Citrus Heights dental makes it as good as it can be. Highly recommended!
Josh Amolsch
00:04 13 May 20
Love the work, love Dr Deju and all the wonderful folks that help me. Definitely makes me less anxious and they always send me notices in plenty of time to make arrangements in my crazy schedule. Always smiles and warm greetings. Dentist visits are not exactly my favorite but Citrus Heights Dental makes things much more pleasant. I do want to add they work amazingly well with me even with Autism and Chemo!😊
Carrie Paddeck
03:14 12 Mar 20
I went in sad about losing a tooth right in the front and nervous about seeing a dentist. The Dentist took his time to fully explain all my options and helped me make the best choice for me. As it turned out it was absolutely the best dental experience I have ever had. The staff, from the ladies at the front who greet you to every support person I encountered in the back were professional, welcoming, considerate, friendly, kind and skilled. Dr Namra was exceptionally skilled and I didn’t even feel any pain when he injected the local anesthesia. He and his assistants were constantly checking with me to make sure I was comfortable. I had 2 extractions and a six tooth temporary bridge put in and through many hours of being worked on I did not feel any pain. I left the office with an affordable and beautiful new smile and gratitude for finding such an amazing dental practice. If you are looking for a great dentist and dental practice, look no further. This is the place for you!
16:21 22 Feb 20
I mean I personally can't say enough about this place. Super friendly people, dentists that know what they're doing and are actually human, a nice waiting room, and clean work stations. They've worked with me on payment plans so I don't have to come out of pocket for everything up front and handled emergency situations that have come up. Really appreciate these folks
Chris S
00:39 22 Feb 20
They have been very helpful when needing dental appointment the hrs are amazing. They get you in when you have pain and are always helpful.
matthew messenger
04:13 20 Feb 20
I called several offices to just get a referral for my 4 year old to a children's dentist. All I've called were booked, all too busy and all needed to see...
Karolina T.
11:53 13 Feb 20
I went to Citrus Heights Dental. from the from staff to the dental assistant to the Doctor I had a great experience. Dr William Koe, I would recommend him...
Kristie R.
07:58 13 Feb 20
Went to Citrus Heights Dental and had a fantastic experience. I normally am really scared to go to dentist office. I had Dr. Will and he explained every...
Mary H.
12:22 11 Feb 20
Citrus Heights Dental is such a great dental office. They treat you very well, they do great work, and work with you on payment plans. If you haven't checked them out definitely take the chance!
Nicholas Ingle
17:02 01 Feb 20
I had a tooth that chipped Friday evening, they got me in on Saturday morning with little wait time and fixed the tooth the same day. Customer service is awesome all around. I've been a customer here for about 6 or 7 years. They are honest and upfront about costs. Highly recommended.
Cindy Pierman
19:34 11 Jan 20
I love this dentist office! My Doctor is very friendly and understanding and provides a lot of good information. The office staff, hygienist, dental assistants are also very friendly and helpful. I had about 2 years worth of work done and it all came out great! I'm also super forgetful and just in general busy, but they really try to work with me to schedule my appts. I just love them.
Sarah Thornton
00:16 22 Dec 19
I wish you would listen to a simple request. Do NOT make my appointment 6&12 months out for cleanings. I asked for a reminder text, then I would call and make the appointment. Now I feel bad for missing an appointment I never agreed. I would've called and scheduled an appointment, had I received a reminder until now, which means I was a no show for my appointment... It is embarrassing! Now I don't want to call. Just a thought.
Jeffrey Bleile
03:39 19 Dec 19
Have been a long term patient. Always felt we’re the top priority. Still have all my teeth and the are the reason. Never feel like they recommend anything other than what I need. I highly recommend.
Stephen Hill
02:24 27 Nov 19
Needed to find a new dentist as mine was retiring and my children are adults now and needed a replacement for Dr Weideman. Not only did they set up...
Jennifer G.
10:49 19 Nov 19
Love the work, love Dr Deju and all the wonderful folks that help me. Definitely makes me less anxious and they always send me notices in plenty of time to make arrangements in my crazy schedule. Always smiles and warm greetings. Dentist visits are not exactly my favorite but Citrus Heights Dental makes things much more pleasant.
Carrie Paddeck
03:52 15 Nov 19
Highly reccomend.My wisdom tooth was in severe pain and they got me in to be seen the same day! They were very kind and waived the exam fee and xrays.wow!...
Dan D.
18:48 13 Nov 19
This dental group is amazing. My grandson had a dental emergency and they saw him right away. They were kind and compassionate. I highly recommend them.
Peggi Stover
01:55 03 Nov 19
They were very nice. They got in me in right away even though I had never been there before. They were clean and organized. Amanda is super patient and nice. They gave me a lot of information so I could decide what would work best for me. It was helpful to weigh my options.
Sam Johnstone
00:57 26 Oct 19
Citrus Heights Dental are awesome! I have never had a dental office that treat people like they are family. They care about you as a patient and a persons. Irena and Amanda are exceptional wonderful and go out of their ways to help with what ever they can and as for the dentist and assistants they a wonderful. I recommend everyone to have all their dental work done at Citrus Heights Dental Christina and Mercedes are the best.
Tina Hockett
21:57 24 Oct 19
Citrus Heights Dental office is great! Their staff is very friendly and professional and they're open on Saturdays. Thanks to them, I'm not scared of dentists anymore.10/10, would recommend 😊
Yana Druchik
00:51 20 Oct 19
Manager Irina and her team at the front office are amazing! They always explain my dental care in crystal clear terms and are very polite. The back office with the medical professionals is also great, always providing the best advice and dental care! Dr. Mike and hygienist Tatyana, just to name a few, take extra steps for my dental health. I have been with Citrus Heights Dental for over 15 years and highly recommend this office.
Ivan D
01:35 18 Oct 19
The staff is awesome! The hours are great. They explain everything before they do it. I highly recommend this office!
Jeannie Fuller
02:57 09 Oct 19
I always get nervous going to the dentist. CH dental always surprise’s no feeling beat up. Quality of the work is always unsurpassed. I recommend them to everyone
wade mitchell
04:52 03 Oct 19
I would just like to say that my doctor Michael did a wonderful job on my mouth could not have asked for a better dentist I would recommend him to any and everybody. I had to have quite a few teeth removed and a full mouth Dentures with two implants and I was terrified he is a wonderful doctor he makes you feel comfortable happy and does great work
Victoria Lambert
15:48 02 Oct 19
I have been going to Citrus Heights Dental and they have always treated me right. They let me know about new treatment options that may help improve my dental and overall health. I would recommend to anyone needing a good, caring dentist office with extended hours to help those who cannot easily get off work. Open Saturdays too!
Theresa Sheldon
17:23 30 Sep 19
I was very impressed with Citrus Heights Dental..I needed an appointment for tooth pain and they got me in ASAP. On a Saturday even so no missing work. All...
Angela P.
16:47 28 Sep 19
Everyone at Citrus Heights Dental is AWESOME! Very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. After slacking off on taking the best care of my teeth for a few years, I came here in order to get back on track and they’ve worked with me for the last 3 years to make that happen. They’ve all been so helpful in every way possible. Everything from educating me on the processes involved with all of the work I would need done, to working with me financially so I could actually take care of all of it. I would absolutely recommend everyone I’ve come into contact with here!!
Heather Cowan
04:29 28 Sep 19
Very nice professional dentistry with southern type of hospitality that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone
Kurt Andrillion
01:09 26 Sep 19
The staff is always friendly, services expertly delivered, estimates are reliable, facilities are clean and well maintained.
Brenda Young
21:46 25 Sep 19
Having recently broke a lower partial I took it to the dentist who made it and was told it couldn't be fixed. He wanted 2500 to make a new one and said it...
gretchen y.
10:49 10 Sep 19
I love love love this group of dental professionals. Super helpful, honest, informative, kind, efficient and knowledgeable staff from the receptionist to the insurance specialist to the dentist herself. I will definitely continue going to them for dental care and treatment. Also, appreciate them getting me in last minute on a Saturday.
Elizabeth Harris
19:13 31 Aug 19
Everyone is friendly and they go out of their way to assist you. I always come out feeling happy and well informed.
Barbara Pontes
00:03 07 Aug 19
Everyone is friendly and they go out of their way to assist you. I always come out feeling happy and well informed.
Barbara Pontes
00:03 07 Aug 19
Very meticulous and caring staff!! Thanks to all the staff for being so consistent!! I’m specifically elated about today: I needed a referral, and Luda realized my xrays were old; scheduled me for a quick X-ray to keep me from having to pay for one at the new place, since insurance wouldn’t cover it. David was hilarious while performing his duty, and the ever-awesome Amanda for me locked in for an early appointment. These guys make customer service an art - and they’re the best at it!!!
Patrick Maina
23:21 21 Jun 19
I have been really impressed with the service, kindness and care that the team at Citrus Heights Dental has shown me on every visit. From emergency services (when my tooth hurt so bad i’d lost the will to live) to restorative and routine services as well. The woman that handles the billing and insurance is a true delight- helping navigate insurance coverage and care in a really clear and helpful way.I had a crown put on today and the person that did the work was really amazing. He walked me through each thing that he was doing in a really gentle way that put me at ease. That kind of care is really appreciated.Every person I’ve interacted with has been exceptional. Thank you so much for a great patient experience.
Crystal Marcus
01:05 13 Jun 19
Hi I had a front upper tooth that the root calcify, this procedure usually requires an orthodontist, that I could not afford, its a vary hard procedure to...
William G.
20:23 09 Jun 19
I want to take the time to thank the entire staff at Citrus Heights Dentistry.I have searched near and far for a dentist who will respect my privacy, and...
Ramona C.
09:52 08 May 19
I have found my FOREVER DENTIST! From the minute I called the office until my first and now third visit, I have been treated with the most respect and dignity. I do not have enough words to describe the professional and friendliness of each and every person I have met in this office. I had an especially painful situation of my own making but Dr. Nanra and staff did not make me feel worse for my poor choices! I do require some extensive dental care in the next few months but I feel entirely confident that all will turn out well due to the kind care I have received from this extremely qualified clinic.
sandra tomasello
23:40 30 Apr 19
I had a exceptional experience here at Citrus Heights Dental. They are wonderful team. I appreciate how professional and thorough they are. Outstanding service!
Anastasia Covalenco
23:22 26 Apr 19
I am so very impressed with this dental group. I have had Terrible experiences with dentist from pain to botched procedures. Anxiety would be an...
Jennifer C.
05:27 26 Mar 19
The Dentist spent a lot of time explaining all the work I needed done and making sure I knew everything. It was the best experience I've had at a dentist office.
serenity Walkup
19:01 19 Mar 19
I had literally called over 20 dental offices trying to get in on an emergency appointment when I cracked a large molar. I was surprised I was able to make a next day appointment and on a Saturday. I have to say I was highly impressed with the speed of the process all the way through. The dentist was very nice and attentive as well as all of the other staff. They were able to save my tooth and the balance for my share of cost was below what I had expected and was affordable. I would definitely recommend and have also decided to stay with them as my new dental office.
Arianna Fine
15:50 06 Mar 19
My appointment was at 3:50 I arrived around 3:45. I was surprised that I wouldn't be seen for awhile because that's how it works with these kind of places. To my surprise, I was seen by 3:55 (because I had the paperwork already done). The best part was they asked me if I wanted a full scan or a scan of where it hurts. There was no sales pitch and they did exactly as I asked. It was nice I already referred them to 2 people
Jasmine Garrett
00:16 05 Jan 19
Not sure how there could be ONE bad review regarding this place. Take a look at my reviews. I swear I have been to dozens of dentists over the past 15 years...
Boo D.
01:32 29 Dec 18
The care that they provide is amazing!!! I have not had any issues with any dentist I have visited with. They are very prompt and caring! The ladies in the front are amazing! They are a huge blessing with their awesome attitude and smiles! Its been a great place and i have been with them for over 7 years!!!
Tamara Ponomarenko
00:29 20 Dec 18
I’ve been blessed by finding this dental team. Professional, not pushy, and they LISTEN to what I want, need and feel. Procedures and options are all clearly defined so I can make informed decisions. I love these guys and I’m an extremely critical judge of dental care. They actually care, you can feel it. Visit them, work with them, and prepare yourself for the best dental care experience of your life. It works for me.
Dave Fitkin
02:18 13 Dec 18
I've been blessed by finding this dental team. Professional, not pushy, and they LISTEN to what I want, need and feel. Procedures and options are all...
David F.
18:21 12 Dec 18
I had an accident as a child that caused 8 teeth to be loosened and one that was lost altogether. I ended up with a porcelain bridge that desperately needed...
Jen S.
08:39 20 Jul 18

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